This is the crazy microphone designed for the metaverse

The company behind the product promises that other people will not listen to your interactions in the metaverse .

The metaverse is the big bet of tech giants like Facebook , which even changed its name to Meta last year.

There are still many doubts about the implementation and real importance of the metaverse in the near future, but there are quite curious devices.

We found Mutalk , a microphone that is intended for use in the metaverse.

It is a device from the company Shiftall designed so that the user’s voice arrives without much noise, in addition to muting or silencing it for other people who may be close to them.

“Voice communication is one of the main problems for users of the metaverse in virtual reality (VR) and it is uncomfortable for family members to hear you when they are having fun in a VR space. If you live in an apartment building, your neighbors may complain if you make a lot of noise,” explains Shiftall.

The creators of the Bluetooth microphone promise that users will be able to say even “things that would embarrass them in front of their family” with this product.

Mutalk: Microphone Features for the Metaverse

Mutalk works with Bluetooth 4.2 (a not so recent version), has a battery life of more than 10 hours and connects via USB-C, specifies Shiftall .

Working with Bluetooth , you can use Mutalk with Windows , MacOS , iOS , iPadOS and Android without problems.

The Mutalk microphone is not yet available for sale, but it is estimated that it will cost around $140 when it is officially launched.