This is the highest resolution photograph of the Moon to date taken from Earth

The images of the Moon were captured by researchers at the Green Bank Telescope in the United States.

Researchers have taken the highest resolution images to date of the Moon from Earth thanks to the Green Bank Telescope located in West Virginia, United States.

Project scientists have been working on developing a prototype system to create images of stars in the Solar System and have targeted our satellite for these impressive photographs.

The best shots of the Moon from Earth

In order to capture the satellite, a low-power radar transmitter with up to 700 watts of output power at 13.9 gigahertz is used. Radio waves bounce off the Moon ‘s surface and are then reflected. These waves are then collected by the ten 25-meter antennas of the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA).

One of the first shots of the Moon was the Tycho crater with a resolution detail of up to 5 meters ( you can see it in all its quality at this link )

This accident is located in the southern part of the elevated areas. It is the youngest crater among the large impact craters on the Moon : its approximate age is 108 million years.

planetary defense

However, the telescope points even higher. The full version is expected to use 500 kilowatts of power: with this it will be possible to detect, track and determine dangerous asteroids.

“In our tests, we were able to zero in on an asteroid 2.1 million kilometers from us, more than 5 times the distance between Earth and the Moon . The asteroid is about a kilometer in size, which is large enough to cause global devastation in the event of an impact,” says Patrick Taylor, head of the radar division. “With the high-powered system, we could study more objects much further away. When it comes to strategizing for potential impacts, having more lead time is everything.”