This is what Max, the new combined service between HBO Max and Discovery+, looks like in images

Warner Bros. Discovery presented the first images of Max , the app that will replace HBO Max and that will later arrive in Latin America.


In the midst of waiting for its arrival, Warner Bros. Discovery has presented the first images of the Max interface, its new app that will merge the HBO Max and Discovery+ streaming channels .

The streaming service has been seen in images thanks to the Apple App Store, thus showing its content distribution for both PCs, televisions and mobiles.

This is what the new Max looks like

Max is a lot like today’s HBO Max .

Ruled by a blue color, the Max logo keeps pace with current streaming. The letters maintain the same font, while the series, profiles and more productions have a similar distribution.

“Our amazing team has worked hard taking the best of both legacy technology platforms to deliver a much better performing product. We are confident that all of these enhancements will deliver a stronger experience for our customers, drive greater engagement, help improve retention and improve customer satisfaction, which in turn will help us continue to scale,” said JB Perrette, CEO of global streaming at the company.

things to improve

HBO Max is currently one of the streaming services with the most content, but also with the most criticism of its interface.

The app’s performance is not the best, suffering multiple slowdowns and even problems with audio and subtitles, errors that Max must overcome prior to launch.

Max will arrive in the United States on May 23 at prices between $10 and $20 per month. There is no release date for Latin America yet.