This is what Telegram Premium will include: chat management and faster downloads

All the news that the Telegram subscription service will include have been leaked .


Telegram is working on a paid or premium service that will include a series of improvements and additional tools.

the free version, such as faster downloads, advanced chat management or the ability to upload files of up to 4GB.

The company announced at the end of 2020 that it would begin to monetize its service a year later, after the increase in active users of the platform. This change would be given to face the maintenance challenges posed by the traffic generated by users.

Months later, at the beginning of May, the Telegram Beta community warned in the latest version 8.7.2 of the iOS application that users who wanted to use certain ‘stickers’ had to register with a paid service.

New payment features for Telegram

Now it has been the expert developer in reverse engineering Alessandro Paluzzi who has verified that the availability of exclusive ‘stickers’ is one of the features included in the payment plan of the instant messaging application.

Through his Twitter account, Paluzzi has shared a screenshot of some of the possibilities offered by the Telegram premium service , among which is advanced chat management.

As can be read in the description of this button, the option brings together tools to be able to choose the default chat folder, auto-archive and hide new conversations from users who are not in the contact list.

With the paid version of Telegram , the limit of channels is also doubled, up to 1000, of folders, with a capacity of up to 20 folders, as well as fixed chats, which can now be 10.

It also offers the possibility to share 10 public links and have 4 accounts. On the other hand, the upload of files is multiplied by two, going from a maximum size of 2GB to 4GB, and the speed of file and multimedia downloads increases.

Telegram Premium also offers the possibility of accessing voice-to-text options, to read a transcript of any voice message, as well as exclusive and animated reactions.

In addition, this version will hide the ads of the channels in which they appear in its free option, large premium ‘stickers’ with additional effects and updated monthly, and the option to organize your interface with different platform icons.

All users who are Premium subscribers will be able to use animated profile pictures and use video avatars in the chat list and conversations and will be identified by a checkmark next to their username to indicate that they are Premium subscribers.

How much will it cost?

Finally, Paluzzi has asked his followers a question and has encouraged them to assess whether all these features are worth a monthly payment of 4.99 dollars, which suggests that this could be the price that the final version of Telegram Premium would have.

At the moment, more details about the new Telegram payment plan are unknown , as well as the availability date, which has not yet been confirmed by the company. (EuropePress)