This is what the balloon that will take tourists to space looks like inside

The Spaceship Neptune balloon is owned by Space Perspective  and its tickets will be priced at $125,000 per seat.


Among the many commitments to space tourism that are emerging in the market, the Space Perspective option is one of the most unique: through a balloon.

The startup is promising trips to the stratosphere via Spaceship Neptune balloons on a two-hour trip. The cost? 125 thousand dollars.

This is what the interior of the Spaceship Neptune looks like

The design focuses on comfortable, reclining seating that can be configured for group events or couples dining. You can get food and bar service, connect to Wi-Fi, read information on interactive screens, customize ambient lighting, and observe the Earth through a telescope.

Also, unlike the Crew Dragon capsules , they have a luxurious bathroom with its own 360° windows.

The company claims this is the only zero-emission option for getting into space and promises an eco-friendly construction that includes a bar top made from recycled balloon material. Other sustainable materials will be used throughout the capsule.

The company says it has sold 600 tickets to date, with flights promised for 2024. You can reserve a seat with $1,000, but there won’t be any travel for new ones until at least 2025.

Depending on prevailing winds, the balloons will drift east over the Atlantic or west across the Florida panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico before descending and splashing down.

Space Perspective is one of the companies in the space tourism race. Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, Axiom and SpaceX are also in the running.