This map allows you to find the location of your house in the age of dinosaurs

Lima was many times under water. To know this location in the history of the Earth you just have to put your address.

The Earth has changed throughout its millions of years of existence. The continents have never been the same and have been moving and transforming due to multiple factors.

Given this, an organization called Dinosaur Database has published a portal where you can “find your home” according to the distribution of the world in the ancient era of dinosaurs .

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Knowing it is very simple. You must enter the Dinosaur Pictures in this link and simply place your city or try to put your exact location in the search engine.

The appearance of the Earth , as we know it, is relatively new. The land and sea we see today, from Eurasia, the Americas, Africa, Antarctica, and Oceania, are the product of vast tectonic plates that fit together like a puzzle. Yet very slowly these puzzle pieces move

The tool was created by Ian Webster with the help of plate tectonic data and paleogeographic maps from CR Scotese from the PALEOMAP Project.

You can see it from before

Although the portal opens a glimpse of our planet from 240 million years ago in the era of the supercontinent Pangea, but you can select views from 750 million years ago to the present. For desktop users, if you hold down the left and right keys on your keyboard, you can even watch the continents break apart and eventually take the shape we know today.

The map also features options that allow you to view important moments in the history of life on Earth , such as the first vertebrates, the first hominids, and the extinction of the dinosaurs .