This “rare” NFT was sold for 24 million dollars

The CryptoPunk “alien” is a limited edition: there are only 9 in the world. The previous one was sold at 11 million dollars in ethereum.


A new NFT  (non-fungible token) has been sold for an astronomical sum: $24 million worth of Ethereum .

This is a “rare” NFT from the CryptoPunk collection , number 5822 to be exact.

Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of cloud blockchain infrastructure company Chain, purchased the NFT directly from CryptoPunks developer Larva Labs’ own online marketplace for 8,000 Ethereum, an estimated $23.7 million at the time.

Doubled the record

The sale doubled the previous record for the collection.

The previous mark was also the same drawing that was auctioned for 11 million dollars. Due to the “scarcity” is that #5822, despite having the same content, had a higher value in the operation.

In this collection, there are only 9 alien -themed CryptoPunks among the more than 10 thousand avatars. #5822 was sold in 2017 at a value of 8 ethereum, which was equivalent to $1,600 at the time.

The most common CryptoPunks are not that valuable, although they still come at a fairly high price: the cheapest ones on the market today sell for around 70 Ethereum, or just over $200k.

By late winter 2021, Visa had bought its own CryptoPunk and celebrities like Jay-Z were joining the popular trend of using their CryptoPunk NFTs for their social media avatars.

Largest NFT sales to date

Saturday’s sale marks the fourth-highest sale in history for a single NFT. Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” holds the single NFT sales record at $69.3 million from last March.

This week’s sale of Artist Pak’s NFT “Clock” to AssangeDAO ranks second with a dollar value of just under 54 million. Beeple’s “Human One,” which combines a hybrid physical/digital sculpture with an NFT, sold for $29 million in November, placing third.