This robot with a ‘face’ has facial expressions that have gone viral on social media

A video posted on social media  shows a humanoid robot “waking up” and expressing looks of naivety and surprise.

Ameca is the most advanced humanoid robot that the Engineered Arts company has developed and in a video recently posted on its YouTube channel you can see this robot in action.

Ameca can be seen waking up slowly with a shrug and then quickly opening her eyes with a look of surprise, as if she was discovering the world for the first time.

Ameca’s expressions are what have most surprised users of social networks , and it is a sample of how much robotic technology has advanced.

Humanoid robot

Ameca’s predecessors have been able to mimic human facial expressions, but they often felt forced. However, Ameca’s near-perfect face can smoothly transitions between various emotions, making him “the most advanced human-shaped robot in the world . 

Ameca’s face is housed in an ‘artificial human-like body (AI x AB)’ that features a powerful ‘Tritium’ robot operating system .

Ameca’s video demonstration has gone viral on social networks and has even captured the attention of important figures for the technological world such as Marques Brownlee and SpaceX , where its CEO, Elon Musk , has reacted on his Twitter account.