This was the re-entry of the Chinese rocket ‘without control’ to the planet in images

The rocket of Chinese origin ended up hitting the Indian Ocean , but left thousands of people amazed and frightened during its passage.


This weekend, again a rocket of Chinese origin and “uncontrolled” re-entered the planet amid strong concerns about where it would land.

Although, fortunately, the Long March 5B ended up falling on the Indian Ocean on Saturday morning , people from different parts of the world managed to see its passage in the sky, amid general astonishment at the phenomenon.

The passage of the Chinese rocket

On Twitter you can see several videos of people mainly in Asia recording the passage of the rocket . This is fragmented, which causes it to not look like a single piece, but as several together.

The remains are seen from Malaysia and Brunei.


Initially, it was calculated that it would be between the 41st parallel north and the 41st south, an area between Madrid in Spain and southern Africa. However, as time passed, new calculations in real time ended up dismissing this and proposing new zones.

a new danger

The Long March 5B, with an estimated mass of about 20 tons, was traveling uncontrollably at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour. It is not the first time that a Chinese ship has been watched by the international community.

NASA administrator Bill Nelson stated that ” the People’s Republic of China did not share specific information about the trajectory when its Long March 5B rocket fell to Earth .”