This will be the flight of the Starship rocket to the orbits of Earth and Mars

The SpaceX rocket hopes to be launched in 2022. Its goal is to take humans to the Moon and Mars.


SpaceX has shown an animation of what the orbital launch of the Starship ship will be like in  2022.

In the video, Elon Musk shows what the trajectory of the ship will be like, which is expected to be launched this year if there are no further delays .

The Starship system is made up of the Starship spacecraft itself on top of a Super Heavy booster. SpaceX is working to make it fast and completely reusable so launches to the Moon and Mars are feasible.

Starship’s orbital flight

In his presentation to the press, Musk details what the Starship flight will be like to go around the Earth.

Starship, docked on the Super Heavy, will take off from the US Starbase .

After leaving Earth’s atmosphere, the booster will separate and return to its launch tower, being caught by the arms of the launch tower.

Musk said the booster will spend six minutes in the air in total, two on the ascent and four on its return trip. In the future, the system could be reused every six to eight hours for three launches a day.

In the meantime, the Starship capsule will continue to fly in Earth orbit, attempting to make a complete revolution before landing in Hawaii. Likewise, the SpaceX animation not only shows it on Earth, but also on Mars, with a look at future human colonies on said planet.

Musk also talked about how in-orbit recharging, not “refuelling,” since the vehicle’s Raptor engines use more liquid oxygen than fuel, is essential for long-duration flights.

In addition to being able to carry hundreds of tons, Starship could revolutionize space travel if SpaceX really can make launches as affordable as Musk said.He revealed during the event that the launch could cost less than $10 million per flight, all inclusive, within two to three years. That’s significantly less than a Falcon 9 launch costing around $60 million.