‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: create a ‘Mjolnir’ capable of controlling itself at will with AI

Hacksmith engineers  developed a device that emulates Thor’s hammer and  its movements in Marvel  movies using Artificial Intelligence.


There is no doubt that one of the biggest wishes of any fan of superheroes and specifically Marvel  is to see how technology is used to replicate fictional elements often found in comics and movies. Building on the release of Thor: Love & Thunder , one of the latest such inventions is a model of the magical hammer Mjolnir capable of being controlled with Artificial Intelligence .

This effort comes from a group of engineers from the popular Hacksmith YouTube channel , who have reinvented the hammer so that even an “unworthy” person can wield the magical weapon. In his most recent video, you can see the method used to develop this prototype and even showed how it works when used by a person.

Mjolnir in real life thanks to technology

Hacksmith ‘s team of engineers developed this device that emulates Thor’s magic hammer with a cable system that allows its movement to be controlled using a DualShock 4 , the PlayStation 4 controller . In this way, it can be simulated that the wielder is calling the weapon to his hand when he raises it.

In addition to this technology, the researchers also used a ZED 2 camera to support the hammer and make its movement more precise. What this video system does is reproduce human vision with the help of artificial intelligence .

After configuring the necessary algorithms so that the hammer responds favorably to the actions of the test subject, the experts verified that, in fact, the main reason why the instrument comes to someone’s hand is thanks to the movement of their arm .

However, 27 unsuccessful attempts had to pass before finally, after much effort and dedication, the Mjolnir prototype responded favorably to the call of its bearer. The video even shows the object hitting users on other parts of their body before settling down.

Who could carry Mjolnir besides Thor?

Thor ‘s magic hammer is a very special weapon even by Marvel standards . Within this world, it is mentioned that it can dominate the elements -although it is usually used to channel lightning- and the primary forces of the Universe .

Although it is associated with the son of Odin and a member of the Avengers , the truth is that other Marvel characters were able to lift the hammer and use it both in the comics and in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe . Among them are Vision, Hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Jane Foster, Silver Surfer, Magneto, Loki, and the father of the main user, Odin .