Less than four months after its release, Thor: Love and Thunder could return to the set for reshoots .


The Wrap reports it in an article on John Carter ‘s anniversary, one of Disney ‘s biggest (and undeserved) flops : according to this in-depth analysis – which also talks about how additional filming has become a custom in Hollywood – the crew and the cast of the Marvel movie will return to work in the coming weeks.

The timing is credible, since reshoots often take place even a few months before the release: those of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , for example, ended in mid-January. Taika Waititi himself joked with Variety that cinecomic is very far from being finished:

It comes out in July, so it probably [will be closed] by the end of June? Probably a day before the premiere, that’s how we do it.

The paradox is that his statements, as playful as they may be, may not be so far from the truth: on certain films the work continues even after the release, especially as regards the CGI (this is the case of Spider-Man: No Way Home , eg).

Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive onJuly 6in Italian cinemas. We will keep you posted.

Direction and screenplay

The direction is handled by Taika Waititi , a brilliant New Zealand filmmaker who has already directed Thor: Ragnarok . The screenplay was co-written by him with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson .

The cast

The cast will include Chris Hemsworth ( Thor ), Tessa Thompson ( Valkyrie ), Jaimie Alexander ( Lady Sif ), Taika Waititi himself ( Korg ), Christian Bale ( Gorr, the Slaughterer of Gods ) and Natalie Portman ( Jane Foster ), who he will find worthy to raise Mjolnir and become Mighty Thor . There will also be Star-Lord ( Chris Pratt ) and the other Guardians of the Galaxy . Russell Crowewill be Zeus .