TikTok announces tool to give credit to content creators

A new feature in TikTok will allow you to link the account that originally posted content.


TikTok is usually a social network with a lot of content, but rarely do we manage to get to the origin of a trend, or recognize that account that had the originality to turn a moment, an audio or a clip into a phenomenon. A new tool comes to give recognition to creators, and it’s always good news.

Soon, an update to TikTok will allow accounts the ability to reference the original accounts in the description, with just a few taps.

When creating or editing a new video on TikTok , a “video” window will appear in the pre-post tab, where you add the title and text. By clicking on it, you will be able to choose between clips that contain the same sound as yours and that will add a mention in your post.

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