TikTok changes its penalty system and now it will work like YouTube “strikes”

TikTok  has modified its system to punish users who repeatedly break its rules with tougher penalties.


TikTok , the short music video application, has updated its system to moderate content on its platform due to the constant times when viral messages are generated that clearly violate its community standards. The app from the Chinese company ByteDance has decided to adopt a system similar to that of YouTube in order to punish creators who repeatedly violate its rules.

As the team behind this popular social network explained , the methodology that will be used for content moderation from now on will be similar to that used by the Google video platform . These “strikes” will allow that, in case an account repeatedly violated the TikTok guidelines, it could be permanently suspended depending on the severity of the offenses.

If a user posts something that violates the TikTok Community Guidelines , they will receive a warning or “strike” and the content will be removed. If the account continues to post videos of this type, it will end up being suspended indefinitely and can no longer be used. In this way, ByteDance hopes to get rid of all those who constantly break its rules.

A momentous change for content moderation on TikTok

Although the goal is to suspend problematic users who violate community guidelines, TikTok has not specified how many “strikes” it will take for an account to be sanctioned in this way. This will depend on each particular case since the platform has established a “violation threshold” in comments, direct and other sections as well as guidelines within its policies.

“Those thresholds can vary based on the potential for a breach to cause harm to members of our community. For example, there may be a stricter threshold for violating our policy against promoting hate speech than for sharing harmless spam ,” the TikTok post mentions .

Of course, this does not mean that an account cannot be permanently suspended with a single strike. This may apply if there is a severe case of violation against TikTok rules such as posting videos related to torture, death or child sexual abuse.

Other details about TikTok’s “strikes”

As the rules update highlights, content creators on the platform will also be able to check the status of their accounts to find out if they have committed any violations of the TikTok rules , even if they did so accidentally. The app will also show each publication in which a violation of the rules was detected and will even allow you to appeal some rulings, if it is considered valid.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the “strikes” to an account will not be permanent. If the user has not re-committed a definitive violation during that period, each of these “warnings” will expire 90 days after registration. TikTok will be in charge of notifying users if they are about to be permanently suspended from the platform.