TikTok: How to add voice over and voice effects to videos?

Adding fun to TikTok videos  is very handy, and now you can add voiceover to your clips.


TikTok, one of the favorite platforms of young people, updated new features that will fill each video created by its users with fun.

With the new improved Voiceover tool that allows you to add additional narration and the new voice effects, they deliver a very fun video to the content.

This new function allows users and creators to produce varied content such as singing a song, narrating a story, generating tutorials, among many others. In this note we will discuss the steps to follow to give more fun to the content generated on TikTok.

How to add ‘voice over’ on TikTok

  • Open the app on your mobile.
  • Once on the main screen.
  • Select the +.
  • A screen will appear to start recording the video.
  • If you like you can load photos from the gallery and put together the video 0.
  • It can be with a duration of 15 to 3 min.
  • Once the video is recorded.
  • Go to the video editing screen.
  • Select voice over which is on the right, it is identified by the microphone icon.
  • Slide the bar to the point where the voice over will be added.
  • Hit the red record button.
  • Keep.
  • Go to voice effects which is located above voice over.
  • Combine or use the one you like best.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the sound, to do this go to the bottom left.
  • Select volume.
  • A sound volume slider will appear, adjust it and you’re done.
  • Press next.
  • Set publishing options.
  • To finish, select publish that is in red.