TikTok: How to hide the ‘likes’ that you have put in the app?

TikTok provides the option to take care of the privacy of the profile by hiding the number of ‘likes’. 


The TikTok app  is a global favorite, hosting millions of content creators. The app of Chinese origin promises to change the communication style of users under the format of short vertical videos, effects and fun transitions.

How to hide the videos you liked

Being a public application, whose videos quickly go viral, one of the concerns is the privacy of the user, who is exposed to users who are inside and outside his contact list. Fortunately , TikTok also has a private mode, where the user can limit who sees their profile, the videos they liked and know which account they follow.

To hide the videos marked with ‘Like’ in the profile it will not be necessary to unmark them, just configure some privacy settings:

1. Click on the Profile , it is located in the lower right corner.
2. Click on the three-line icon located in the upper right corner.
3. Go to the ‘Privacy’ section, then look for the option ‘Who can see the videos you like’.
4. Select between the options ‘Everyone’ or  Only me’ .

Done, this way only the owner of the profile will be able to see the videos marked with ‘Like’. 

Other privacy settings

TikTok also offers the option to put the profile in private, by putting it in this way users who are not part of the profile contacts will not be able to choose the ‘Duo’ or ‘Paste’ options for their videos, to choose a private account they must follow these steps:

1. Click on Profile located in the lower right corner.
2. Tap the three lines icon in the top corner.
3. Select the Privacy section
4. Activate or deactivate the ‘private account’ privacy option.