TikTok: How to modify the covers of the videos in the app?

The famous social network TikTok is used by millions of users around the world.


The app allows you to record and watch videos of all kinds and in this note you can learn how to change the thumbnails of the application.

Posting a video on  TikTok  requires a careful process. From recording to thumbnail, every content creator needs to make quality video.

The thumbnails are one of the most important elements of the videos, it is the image that the content of the recording projects, that is why it must be creative, captivating and beautiful so that it captures the attention of the target audience. A good cover will be worthy of comments, Likes and shares, which every influencer wants.

However, when the video is posted, it already comes with a default cover, on many occasions not so striking, which is why this note will explain step by step how to change the TikTok cover for better viewing.


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What steps should be followed to change the cover on TikTok?

  1. First of all, you have to go to TikTok and open it
  2. Then tap on the red button, which is to start recording a video or you can also select the ‘Load’ option to import a video.
  3. Subsequently, you must press the check mark, which is red, when the recording is finished, if a video of the device has been loaded, you must touch the ‘Next’ option.
  4. Cover should be selected, which is at the bottom of the preview image.
  5. Then, you must click on the boxes that are at the bottom, as a preview, then select the one that most captures your attention, it should not be blurred. A plus, for the cover is to add text, where you can choose different backgrounds, fonts and colors.
  6. When you are satisfied with the thumbnail and text arrangements you should select the ‘Save’ option, it is in the upper left corner. Also, you should add a caption, link to share the video.
  7. Finally, you must click on the red publication button so that it is posted on the video next to the cover on the platform.