TikTok: how to use own sounds in the app?

Uploading your own sounds to the TikTok platform could lead to viralizing the musical material and making the content creator known.

TikTok , the new social network that has managed to destroy the interest of all people today, surprises again. This time, because it now offers the opportunity to upload original music to add to each of the videos published by users.

In a simple way, both for iOS and Android, users can now add songs or sounds that are 100% original, taking into account that they should not have copyright restrictions; with business accounts it happens in the same way.

Considerations for uploading your own music to TikTok

In this note we will collect some of the necessary considerations to be able to publish videos with completely original music.

  1. The first thing to do is record your own video with music or sound in the background.
  2. Some arrangements or sound effects can be added from the video recording or functions depending on the mobile equipment, for example, add some effect of clicking, hitting, barking, etc., which can be fun.
  3. Once the edition is ready, upload it to TikTok to be able to use it in other creations.
  4. Enter the “Record videos” section and go to the top of the screen to add sound.
  5. In the upper right corner, select “My sounds”  and find the newly edited material to add to the recording.

Using your own sounds on TikTok

Once each of these steps has been followed, TikTok will allow any user to use the sound for their own creations. Remember that there are ways to download TikTok videos regardless of your privacy and that users could take the music creation and use it for other purposes.

Sounds can go viral very easily and be used in all kinds of videos, and if a content creator decides to remove their sound, automatically the videos that have used it will be muted.