TikTok: How to use privacy controls on videos?

TikTok takes care of the privacy of its users and lets them choose who they want to show their videos to.


There is a misconception that creating an account on TikTok will show content to all types of users. 

However, this is not entirely true because the platform has a configuration that offers the options to choose who you want to show your videos to, which can be in the public or private domain.

How to control who sees the uploaded videos?

To control each of the functions, you must first understand what the privacy functions are for:

‘Everyone’ allows every user who enters the TikTok account,  find the content in the ‘For you’ tab, these videos can be commented, shared, pasted and made duets.

While the ‘Only Me’ option ensures that only the user will be able to view the videos they upload (this option appears in another tab of the feed’). There is also the ‘Friends’ option that shows the videos to the user’s contacts. 

Each option can be differentiated by the buttons where they are located, while public videos are found in the tab with the icon of 6 small vertical lines, private videos are in a section with a lock icon.

How to post a private video?

To post a private video, the user must:

  1. Stand in the bottom center
  2. Record the video normally
  3. Press next and choose the first option ‘who can see this video’
  4. Choose between the three options: ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends’ or ‘Only me’

Make a video that has already been recorded private

To make a video that has already been recorded private, you must:

  1. Locate the chosen video among the public videos
  2. Click and press on the ‘three dots’
  3. Locate in the third row ‘privacy settings
  4. Choose between the three options: ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends’ or ‘Only me’
  5. You can modify the privacy of a video as many times as required.