TikTok is completely updated: add gifs, 1080p videos and more effects

TikTok is looking to provide more tools to all its users so that they do not search

TikTok is updating one of its biggest patches to date adding support for 1080-pixel videos, in addition to the option to incorporate gifs in editing.

The TikTok update focuses on its cameras and editing tools, especially the green screen, which the company says is the most used since its launch.

The tool, which allows creators to position themselves in front of a different background photo or video, will now support GIFs .

TikTok has partnered with GIPHY, in particular, a company owned by Meta ( although possibly not for long ). With the new integration, TikTok users will be able to select from a library of GIFs to use as the background, allowing for different types of videos. For example, users can record “reaction” videos with a GIF as the background, or they can use the tool to display or reference a particular meme.

HD upload

TikTok is also launching an HD video upload option for its desktop app, from where users will be able to upload 1080p videos.

Of course, the function is only “in selected countries”, so it is not yet for everyone or all users.

Another feature is a new Visual Enhancement button that will automatically improve video exposure and low-light conditions and perform color correction.

TikTok is releasing new music and audio effects, including fun features that turn voices or other sounds into animal sounds or the sound of a musical instrument, including a flute or a cat.

Also, according to TechCrunch , TikTok is “secretly” testing an application for streaming on PC and cell phones called TikTok Live Studio .