TikTok: Learn how to change your username

In the next note, learn how to replace your username on TikTok , and remember that this step can be done every 30 days.


TikTok , the social network of the moment and the most popular among young people thanks to its videos and ‘trends’, asks us when registering for a username and a profile name. Perhaps, due to ignorance, some users used their real name and in public mode, and intend to change it, or perhaps you want to change your name to something more in keeping with your content. In this note we explain how to do it step by step in a didactic and easy way.

Why is the username important in TikTok?

When a user creates a TikTok account, it is not necessarily to seek entertainment, but also to fulfill some objectives. In the case of an entrepreneur, or a person looking to be an influencer on the platform, the name is one of the most important steps. For this reason, when choosing one, it is ideal not to use names that are difficult to read, write and pronounce, and thus hinder their dissemination. In the case of writing, it is ideal not to make so many variations, either in excess of capital letters, numbers or another element. 

Steps to follow to change the name of the TikTok account

  • Go to the TikTok app from your mobile device.
  • Once on the home screen, go to the bottom right to the Profile icon.
  • Select edit profile.
  • Select username or name.
  • Write your new name.
  • The user case should be a unique name that the system recognizes.

Important data when changing the name of the Tiktok account

  • To change your name you must wait a period of 30 days.
  • Usernames are preceded by the @ symbol.
  • If your name is changed, so is your personal URL, as a consequence if a person has your old URL they will no longer be able to see your videos.
  • Once the names have been modified, you must proceed to share your new URL with your contacts.