TikTok uses an Amazon-like strategy for its own e-commerce

ByteDance ‘s social network could take advantage of its popularity with Gen Z to launch its store at the end of the year in the US.


TikTok ‘s plans are beyond social networks. After his great success among Gen Z, he would now target e-commerce .

ByteDance , the parent company behind TikTok , is following in the footsteps of Amazon .

An Axios report indicates that TikTok is taking steps to create its own fulfillment centers , made famous by their use by Amazon to speed up the delivery of products.

Job offers in the United States are listed as “Fulfillment By TikTok Shop” and seek expert profiles in logistics, Customs management and supply chains.

TikTok already offers its e-commerce in Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom, confirmed a company spokesperson, who did not elaborate on its new talent search in the United States.

The Financial Times newspaper estimates that TikTok will take advantage of Christmas sales to deploy its e-commerce.

TikTok already steals talent from tech giants

Much of the listing is for positions in Los Angeles and Seattle, where TikTok already has offices.

A report in the Puget Sound Business Journal indicated that TikTok cut employees from Amazon, Microsoft and Meta after arriving in Seattle.