TikTok will add an exclusive section for science and technology videos

TikTok will add a wall called ‘ STEM ‘ to promote science on its app. It will be located next to ‘Following’ and ‘For you’.


In the middle of the so-called ‘Pi Day’ (3.14: March 14 for Americans), TikTok has announced that it will launch an exclusive section for scientific videos.

This educational division will be called STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and will show videos of experiments, tests and more as a priority.

boost to science

Users in the US will start seeing this STEM feed in the “coming weeks”.

It will be located on the central page of the platform, right next to ‘Following’ and ‘For you’.

The social networking giant has already been experimenting with such walls in some countries, adding blocks for games, sports and other common themes.

TikTok is taking steps to block misinformation in this new section. Common Sense Networks curator will study the content to make sure it’s relevant, while Poynter fact-checkers measure accuracy. Any video that does not pass both inspections will not be recommended to this site.