Tiktoker Khaby Lame loses thousands of followers after anti-racism message

The famous TikTok character posted an anti- racism message on one of his Instagram stories .

Famous tiktoker Khaby Lame lost thousands of followers after posting an  anti-racism story on his Instagram .

According to Dexerto , the 21-year-old Senegalese-Italian posted a message on his Instagram account in which he wrote “Say no to racism”, which disappeared after 24 hours.

However, before he disappears, Lame published a new story in which he pointed out that thousands of people unfollowed him after the publication.

“I don’t mind boys,” he said in a later post. “We are almost in 2022 and people still use racism because they have nothing to do in their life. Be happy, follow your dream and try to save the planet.”

He added that “you can also stop following me” because he doesn’t “care about numbers.”

“I care about their hearts!” He said. “If you think of something new, do it well and in a positive way!”

Famous without saying words

Lame is the second-largest creator on the platform, with 115 million followers, and is fast approaching current No. 1 Charli D’Amelio, who has 125.6 million.

He exploded in popularity for poking fun at viral trends on the app with a deadpan expression, ridiculing how complicated and bizarre internet “hacks” and jokes can be without saying a word.