Tim Cook, Apple boss, confirms that he invests in bitcoins on a personal level

Cook will ensure that you have been interested in them for a long time . From Apple is still analyzing it.

Tim Cook has announced that he owns bitcoins on a personal level.

The CEO of Apple had an interview in the middle of the DealBook event in New York and was asked about cryptocurrencies and if they will one day be accepted by the company.

“It is something that we are seeing, it is not something that we have immediate plans to do,” he said.

“There are things that I would not do, like our cash balance: I would not go to invest that in cryptocurrencies,” he noted.

“Not because I would not invest my own money in cryptocurrencies, but because people do not buy an Apple share to expose themselves to cryptocurrencies,” he specified.

But he does possess

Although he is not yet interested in accepting them with Apple, he has personally indicated “that he does have them.”

Noting that it is not financial advice, he assured that he owns bitcoins because he considers it “reasonable” to have them in a diversified investment portfolio.

He also noted that the concept of NFTs is very interesting to him and that he believes that there is only time for it to be of interest to society in general.