Tim Cook says artificial intelligence should be “regulated”

For the CEO of Apple , artificial intelligence can be so powerful, but at the same time so dangerous, with problems of bias or misinformation.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has pointed out that artificial intelligence deserves to be regulated both by governments and by the companies that develop it.

In a conversation with Good Morning America , mainly focused on the Vision Pro mixed reality headset , he was also encouraged to talk about the current technology industry and how it must be controlled before “it goes too far.”

Cook and AI

For Cook, artificial intelligence chatbots , such as ChatGPT, “hold great promise” that the company is closely monitoring.

The problem is that they need to be analyzed and regulated, both by governments and by the companies that develop them.

“Regulation is something that is needed in this space and you will have a hard time keeping up with the progress on this because it is moving so fast, so I think it is incumbent on companies to regulate themselves as well.”

The reason for this concern is mainly with the misinformation that can be presented and passed off as true, confusing and causing problems for users who use them.

They start from the basics

Apple is taking small steps in this field.

At WWDC23, it announced some tools for its operating systems. For example, in Notes and PDF for iPadOS17 , the AI ​​was going to help the user to work on top of the information sheets, synthesizing and contextualizing the topic with it.

On the other hand, in iOS17 artificial intelligence could transcribe messages in real time to the user in the middle of calls or voice mail.