Tim Cook Sold Shares Worth $ 750 Million

Apple CEO Tim Cook has celebrated his 10th year in charge of the company by selling shares worth more than $ 750 million.

Tim Cook sold the shares after receiving the final installment of a share offer when he succeeded Steve Jobs as chairman of the iPhone maker.

Since Mr. Cook became president in 2011, Apple’s share price has more than doubled – making him eligible for the promised stock price.

The Financial Times reported on Saturday that after meeting the terms of the award on August 24, Apple’s shares sold for $ 148 to $ 150 each, making Cook a $ 752 million profit.

Apple shares rose $ 151 each this month.

Salary of three million

Apple’s stock now stands at $ 2.5 trillion – the highest in its history.

Cook’s initial investment in 2011 was $ 378 million, making him one of the richest men in the United States at the time.

In 2015 Cook, who, according to Bloomberg News, owned more than $ 1 billion last August, said he would donate most of his fortune before he died.

One week ago, Tim Cook, who earns $ 3 million a year, donated his $ 10 million stakes in Apple to charities.