Tim Cook wants to launch Apple Car or Apple Glass before leaving

In recent years, speculation about the replacement of Tim Cook at the head of Apple has been rife. While he has just celebrated his ten years at the head of the company created by Steve Jobs, Cook assures us that he will “probably” no longer be there in 10 years. But before that, the boss still plans to surprise us.

What will be the final product of the Cook era?

In the latest edition of his weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Cook wants to stay “for a major new product category.”

Gurman writes that the CEO, who will soon receive more than $ 750 million in AAPL stock, mainly focuses on Apple’s augmented reality glasses. Apple’s AR / VR hardware efforts will likely be Cook’s last major product category:

The belief inside Apple is that Cook wants to stay there for a significant new product category, which will probably be augmented reality glasses rather than a car – something that’s even further afield. He also understands that running a Silicon Valley business is generally a youngster’s game, and he won’t stay well past his prime.

Gurman also reiterates that Apple is planning a mixed reality headset for 2022, but that augmented reality glasses, the Apple Glass, are also in development for release in the “mid-decade.” But an exit or at least a presentation of the Apple Car could also be an excellent end for the one who allowed the firm to reach new heights on the stock market.

Gurman speculates that Cook will likely retire between 2025 and 2028, as he also has a salary deal that expires in 2025.

Additionally, Tim turned 60 this year. Bloomberg previously detailed “succession planning” last year. This report explained that Apple is increasingly looking to cultivate its next class of senior executives to succeed Cook with a proper business vision. Regardless, the change does not appear to be happening right away.