Tinder doesn’t want the app to become a place for users to advertise things.

Tinder , the world’s best-known dating app, clarified that its main goal is to “connect people” and not help expand businesses.


On its official blog , Tinder explained what it will do to prevent the dating app from becoming another advertising showcase.

“ Tinder is not a place to promote businesses looking to make money. Members must not advertise, promote, or share links to social media accounts to gain followers, sell things, raise funds, or run a campaign. To combat that, Tinder will remove social media accounts from public timelines,” she says.

Many users have taken advantage of Tinder to promote their Instagram accounts , OnlyFans , post Amazon item wish lists , among other things.

Of course, businesses will still be able to advertise on Tinder . Of course, paying directly to the app.

Tinder and the rules of the game

Tinder has also posted tips for maintaining a respectful environment within the app.

One of them is to avoid posting screenshots of conversations unless there is consent from another person.

In addition, Tinder suggests how they should act on the app in polyamorous or open relationships: “They should create an account for each person in the couple and use the new options in the app to indicate if they are seeking ethical non-monogamy, open relationships or polyamory”.