To pinch screen: YouTube enables pinch zoom and new gestures in the videos

YouTube enables video zooming and a more intense ‘dark mode’ in the new update.


YouTube continues to add tools to compete against TikTok and Instagram , and the latest update offers a novelty that, against all odds, could be interesting and useful for content creators and the audience itself. From now on, you will be able to “pinch zoom” on YouTube from the iOS and Android versions.

“YouTube just celebrated its 17th anniversary earlier this year and we were wondering if it was time to give it a little makeover. So we collected feedback from thousands of viewers around the world and heard that there was a desire for a cleaner, more vivid design that would better represent who we are .

Starting with this new update, available to all users after a trial period within the Premium program, it allows us to zoom in on the image of a video played up to 8 times with both fingers, the same gesture we use to move in a photo.

Another interesting addition is the ability to use long touches and double clicks on the screen during video playback. If you leave your finger on the screen you can move to the side to find the moment you want within the video, almost like a more comfortable scroll.

The other gesture is the double tap, which allows you to jump between chapters within a long and well-segmented video. For tutorials, for example, it is a good way to skip entire parts and not waste time scrolling.

YouTube changes its app

The update in the YouTube interface has begun its rollout on all platforms from today throughout its ecosystem: iOS and Android phones, tablets, desktops and Smart TVs under Android TV and other environments.

Additionally, the subscribe button will get a new design, ditching its previous rectangular shape for something more rounded and less distracting to the user.

“Over the next few weeks, these changes will gradually roll out to all users, so feel free to try out the new design and let us know what you think,” adds YouTube.