There has been no news for a while about Tom Cruise and Doug Liman ‘s ambitious project for a film shot in space, but now Variety is bringing us up to date.


Speaking of SEE , a new production company that wants to build a soundstage in space, the magazine specifies that Tom Cruise ‘s film is not linked to this studio. Universal Pictures is waiting for the script from Doug Liman and Christopher McQuarrie , while filming will begin in early 2023 (let’s not forget that Cruise and McQuarrie have yet to shoot Mission: Impossible VIII , production of which is expected to finish by the end of 2022).

Contrary to what the first rumors said, the film will not be shot entirely on the International Space Station, but only in part; most of the shooting will take place on Earth, and some on board a rocket. Cruise will play a man in disgrace who finds himself in the peculiar situation of being the only man capable of saving the Earth. It seems that it will not be a science fiction film, but an action and adventure story … but frankly it is difficult to believe that it does not have at least some science fiction element.

We will keep you posted.


Universal Pictures will distribute the ambitious film, with a budget of $ 200 million. Doug Liman is also the author of the script, but Christopher McQuarrie – director and writer of the latest Mission: Impossible – is involved as a producer and story advisor . The two filmmakers and Tom Cruise have previously worked together on Edge of Tomorrow .

Tom Cruise unleashed

Other than Jackie Chan , there is no other actor who risked his life so much on set to shoot the action in first person. It was above all the Mission: Impossible saga that spurred his recklessness: Tom Cruise he climbed a mountain wall without a harness in the second chapter; ran on a Shanghai skyscraper in the third; he climbed the Burj Khalifa and practiced 123-story stunts in the fourth; he clung to the tailgate of a plane taking off in the fifth; while in the sixth he hung on a helicopter, climbed onto the load attached to it, piloted the helicopter itself and then practiced a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jump all by himself. Ah, and he also broke his ankle jumping from roof to roof in a chase scene. Needless to say, after a two-month break to recover, he resumed his stunts as usual.

In short, the only way to raise the bar is to go into space. If the project were to materialize, Cruise would enter even more in the history of cinema.