Tom Felton, actor of “Harry Potter”, decompensated in a golf game and was taken to the hospital

The actor  Tom Felton , the remembered ‘Draco Malfoy’ in  Harry Potter , collapsed in a golf match for the Ryder Cup tournament held in the United States.

Tom Felton , the well-remembered ‘Draco Malfoy’ in the Harry Potter movies , broke down while playing a round of golf in Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, for the Ryder Cup, the sport’s biennial tournament that began on September 24.

“At today’s Ryder Cup Celebrity Match, actor and musician Tom Felton experienced a medical incident on the field while participating in Europe. He was transferred to a local hospital for treatment,” read a statement where they do not give more details about your health.

It should be noted that Tom Felton, 34, represented the European team in the Ryder Cup along with different former NBA athletes.

Tom Felton’s health problem

As it is recalled, in an interview to the media, Tom Felton revealed that one of his lungs had collapsed so he had to spend four nights in a hospital and it was just when he was filming the fourth Harry Potter movie and the doctors asked him to rest.

“They told me that I was not well enough to work and that there was a lot of air stored in my lungs. He had never been to a hospital before, except for visits to family and friends, so he was scared. However, that experience gave a new meaning to my life, “he commented at the time.

Although he was part of the cast of the Harry Potter films, Tom Felton has participated in different projects such as in the series’ The Flash ‘,’ Origin ‘and’ Murder in the first degree ‘, in addition, he was part of the tapes’ Forever Brothers’, ‘Planet of the Apes’,’ The Forgotten Blate ‘,’ Burial ‘and’ Lead Heads’.