Total solar eclipse: when will it happen and from where will this phenomenon be seen?

The total solar eclipse will take place next week and can only be seen from some parts of the world.


After having experienced partial lunar eclipse , the world is preparing for one last space phenomenon in 2021: a total solar eclipse .

On December 4, the Moon will interpose itself between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the star’s light and casting a total shadow, obscuring the planet.

The Moon, being smaller than the Sun, will draw a ring in the sky , the so-called “ring of fire”.

Where can the total solar eclipse be seen?

The eclipse can only be fully seen in Antarctica, while it can be partially seen in the extreme south of Australia, Africa and America.

The eclipse can also be seen partially in New Zealand, Namibia and the city of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Also, the Falklands and Cape Town.

The event will last 2 hours: from 1:00 am UTC time and will peak at 1:33 am, when the Moon completely covers the Sun. The event will end at 02:06.

NASA will broadcast the solar eclipse live from the Union Glacier, in Antarctica, from its official YouTube channel and on the site ,