Tourists on the International Space Station worked and also exhausted the crew

They paid US$55 million for the trip to the ISS and confessed that they ended up exhausted.


Larry Connor, Mark Pathy and Eitan Stibbe recently traveled to the International Space Station (ISS) as tourists on the Axiom 1 mission .

These men paid a whopping $55 million (each) for the space experience, where they had to work harder than they imagined.

At a press conference, they explained how “frantic” going to the ISS can be .

“Our schedule was quite aggressive, especially at the beginning of the mission,” explained Michael López-Alegra, a former NASA astronaut and current Axiom employee who led the mission.

Experiments that were supposed to last two and a half hours ended up taking five hours, pushing the schedule of space tourists who were initially only supposed to spend eight days on the International Space Station but ended up staying two weeks due to weather conditions.

It also affects the professional crew

“In essence, the arrival of Axiom personnel appears to have had a larger than expected effect on the daily workload of the International Space Station ‘s professional crew ,” explained Susan Helms, a former astronaut who is a space safety adviser.

Axiom assured that it will look for ways to “not disturb” the professional crew in future missions.