Traffic jam in Elon Musk’s “revolutionary” tunnel system shows its shortcomings

It had to happen during CES 2022 , the largest technology fair in the world.


Elon Musk believes that the traffic can be solved by underground tunnels.

This is how his company, The Boring Company , convinced Las Vegas to connect sections of the huge LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center) with two roundtrip tunnels.

The 1.34-kilometer journey can be covered on foot in up to 20 minutes, but the Musk tunnels cut the time down to a minute.

The system has been demonstrated in this CES 2022, where curiously a traffic jam was registered.

A video on Twitter shows the journey through the tunnels of The Boring Company in a Tesla .

“Is there traffic here?” The passenger asks the driver, who thinks this happened because one of the LVCC doors was closed.

Criticism of Musk’s system

Clearly, it is possible to get stuck in this system. Users on Twitter also highlighted the lack of security measures: the tunnel does not even have emergency exits along the way and it is adjusted only for the diameter of a vehicle.

According to The Boring Company manuals , drivers would have to reverse in the event of an emergency in the middle of a traffic jam.