Trailer and release date of ‘The Wheel of Time’, Amazon’s ‘Game of Thrones’?

There is already a trailer and release date for  The Wheel of Time, the next -a Priori- great, fantastic series from Amazon Prime Video, based as it could not be otherwise on a successful literary saga. And yes, it could well be considered the platform’s attempt to have its own  Game of Thrones, although it will not happen.

And it is that all the major VOD platforms want their  Game of Thrones: Netflix wants it, as it demonstrated with  The Witcher, although they did not get it due to timidity and stinginess (the second season will have to be seen if they correct the course or end up crashing); Amazon wants it, and the proof of this is not The Wheel of Time, but the Lord of the Rings series, although we are not talking precisely about them; and HBO wants it too, why fool us since his online journey began with the Song of Ice and Fire already channelled and determined.

Will the wheel of time be the  Game of Thrones  Amazon? The task is presumed to be very difficult. You only have to look at the trailer to realize that we are facing something closer in the style of  Shadow and Bone, that is, to the typical Netflix series of fantasy papier-mâché adventures directed to an adolescent public without too many demands than what HBO production represented for televised fiction. And it’s a shame because the original material goes a long way.

In other words, as a quality of the literary work,  The Wheel of Time is much closer to A  Song of Ice and Fire than to  The Lord of the Rings, so the result will not be measured by what its author wrote, but by the adaptation of the shift, which is equivalent to the investment made, the risk that those in charge wish to assume and the success and luck that accompanies them. At the moment, the first of these conditions does not seem to occur, considering an image that …

But you judge it for yourself, watching the trailer as for the release date. The wheel of time will be seen on Amazon Prime Video from next  November 19, so there is not so much left to confirm or deny the bad vibes that the advance transmits.