Paramount Pictures has unveiled the first clip of Transformers: The Awakening .


the new film in the saga that is in continuity with Bumblebee : if the latter was set in the eighties, this time we are instead in the nineties.

Ex-military electronics expert Noah Diaz ( Anthony Ramos ) and artifact researcher Elena Wallace ( Dominique Fishback ) run into Optimus Primal ( Ron Perlman ), and things quickly get tense. Mirage ( Pete Davidson ), Wheeljack ( Cristo Fernandez ), Arcee ( Liza Koshy ) and Optimus Prime ( Peter Cullen ) intervene, creating a Mexican-style standoff with Cheetor ( Tongayi Chirisa ), Rhinox (David Sobolov ) and Primal himself . It is the first encounter between the Autobots and the Maximals , who transform into animals.

Directing the film is Steven Caple Jr. , known for The Land and Creed II . Here is the official synopsis:

Transformers returns to the action and spectacular battles that captivated viewers around the world.

Transformers: The Awakening will take us to the 90s, in an epic adventure around the world. In the eternal battle on earth between the Autobots and the Decepticons will enter a third generation of Transformers, the Maximals.

The Italian release is expected on June 17 , with distribution handled by Eagle Pictures . You can watch the clip below.

The clip

The cast

Anthony Ramos plays the male lead Noah Diaz , while Dominique Fishback plays Elena Wallace , the female lead. Ron Perlman voices Optimus Primal , while Peter Cullen returns as Optimus Prime .

Peter Dinklage voices Scourge , one of the Decepticons , while Liza Koshy plays Arcee , an Autobot . Also starring John DiMaggio ( Stratosphere ), David Sobolov ( Rhinox ), Michaela Jae Rodriguez ( Nightbird ), Cristo Fernandez ( Wheeljack ), Tobe Nwigwe ( Reek ), Michelle Yeoh ( Airazor ), and Pete Davidson ( Mirage ).

The screenplay

The script is written by Joby Harold, Darnell Metayer, Josh Peters, Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber , while the story is by Harold himself .