Treasure hunters march in search of mammoth bones after a Joe Rogan podcast

An episode of The Joe Rogan Experience spread the rumor of the existence of thousands of mammoth bones in New York.

Teams of divers are going to the rivers to look for the treasure

An episode of the famous Joe Rogan podcast has started a treasure hunt for mammoth bones in the East River in New York, USA.

The Joe Rogan Experience had an episode that spread a rumor: there were thousands of mammoth bones in the city’s dumps, which has caused teams of divers to head to this place.

in search of mammoths

In December, a gold miner named John Reeves appeared on the podcast to say he was about to go “on a bone hunt.”

In the episode, Reeves claimed that thousands of mammoth bones were found in Alaska in 1940 while panning for gold. For this reason, the great collection was transported from Fairbanks to New York in order to be protected in the American Museum of Natural History.

However, Reeves again points out that the bones “were of poor quality” and ended up being thrown into the river. “If I had a boat and diving equipment, I would go pick them up,” said the miner before mentioning the precise place in the city.

This has caused various teams to try to find mammoth bones at the bottom of the river, although, of course, without much success.


AP contacted the American Museum of Natural History to find out if this story is true.

“We have no record of the disposition of these fossils in the East River,” a spokesman said. “We have also been unable to find any record of this report in museum archives or other scientific sources.”

According to the outlet, the report the miner relied on to point to this bone site came from an oral source: the bones were brought from Alaska, but they never ended up in the river.