After much effort, True Lies , the series based on the James Cameron film of the same name , was ordered by CBS.


Produced by 20th Television, the series was developed by Matt Nix (the Turner and the Casinaro series ), McG and by Cameron himself as an executive producer. It will arrive on CBS mid-season television.

True Lies is the first one-hour series to be ordered by CBS in twelve years. His way to the small screen was studded with obstacles, stops and restarts. McG first proposed the idea of ​​a series based on True Lies in 2016. The following year, Fox had a series written by Marc Guggenheim ( Arrow ) in the pipeline, but it didn’t move beyond the writing. After working with Nix at Turner and the Casinaro, for Disney +, McG had reworked the project with him and made a proposal to CBS in the fall of 2020. A pilot had therefore been ordered in early 2021, but then the project had been postponed. Finally shot, the pilot had divided the CBS management, then convinced by the excellent marketing prospects linked to Cameron’s involvement.

In the series, Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga will take over from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis . Next to them we will see Erica Hernandez, Omar Miller, Mike O’Gorman, Annabella Didion and Lucas Jaye . The official synopsis:

Shocked to discover that her boring, ordinary husband, a computer consultant, is a skilled international spy, a dissatisfied suburban housewife is catapulted into a life of danger and adventure when she is recruited to work alongside him to save the world, while the two try at the same time to revitalize their marriage without passion.