TSMC begins its production of 3-nanometer chips for Apple

The 3-nanometer M2 Pro chips will power Apple ‘s future 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros .


Apple ‘s main chipmaker and supplier , Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. ( TSMC ), will begin producing 3-nanometer (nm) M2 Pro chips for the iPhone maker in Taiwan starting Thursday, December 29.

Currently, Apple uses TSMC for the production of the A16 Bionic processor in the iPhone 14 Pro , which uses the 4-nanometer process. Now, the M2 Pro and Max chips are expected to be the first to be produced with 3nm technology in Apple products , according to 9to5Mac .

According to the latest reports from Focus Taiwan, the Taiwanese chip maker, which has so far been focused on mass-producing 5-nanometer chips, will begin mass-producing new 3-nanometer chips for the iPhone maker starting this week. Thursday, December 29.

According to this medium, after the start of mass production of 3-nanometer chips , this technology will become the one that TSMC will provide to a greater extent for commercial production. However, the developer plans to mass-produce the N3E process over the next year, which is based on 3nm technology and will produce “more efficient” chips with a better throughput rate.

In addition, Focus Taiwan has also announced that TSMC is developing the most sophisticated 2nm process and that it will build a factory in Hsinchu (Taiwan) with the aim of carrying out mass production of these components, scheduled to begin in 2025.

Apple, with its sights set on the United States

This news has emerged just a month after Bloomberg announced that the company expects to supply itself soon with semiconductors manufactured in a plant located in Arizona (United States) from 2024, without specifying who exactly would be the supplier of these semiconductors.

Then, Tim Cook announced that he planned to expand his supply to Apple from plants located in Europe. One of them in Germany, whose government is already in talks with TSMC to set up a component factory.

Despite this, TSMC officials announced at a recent forum in Taipei that there is “no chance” that building a chip factory in a single location such as Arizona would give it a technical advantage over other manufacturing centers. of semiconductors. (Europe Press)