Despite the almost tropical temperatures, Halloween is coming again this year! And what better way to celebrate it than to watch episodes focused on this party? 


There are, in fact, many series to watch to keep company on the scariest night of the year; just think of all the productions conceived in recent years by Mike Flanagan , available on the Netflix platform : The Haunting of Hill House ,

The Haunting of Bly Manor , Midnight Mass and the new release The Midnight Club . How not to mention, then, one of the most famous horror series of recent years: American Horror Story , available on Disney +, which being an anthology offers ten (also the eleventh one) seasons of “scary” stories. If you want, instead, to stay on the classic, you can mention It – the killer clown , a 90s miniseries based on the Stephen King novel of the same name .

The latter should not be confused, however, with the new film adaptation consisting of two films, distributed respectively to the cinema in 2017 and 2019. There are instead just as many series, horror and non-horror genre, that have decided to dedicate to this party ( much felt especially in the United States) of real themed episodes. Here are some of them, with just one recommendation: don’t be too scared!

Buffy the vampire slayer (season 2, episode 6)

The iconic and never forgotten Buffy the vampire slayer has devoted several episodes to the scariest party of the year over the course of its seven seasons. However, perhaps the most memorable is undoubtedly episode six of the second season, entitled precisely “Halloween” . The plot allowed the creator Joss Whedon to show the characters in a totally new guise, and not just for the costume they wore. In the episode Ethan Rayne (an old acquaintance of Mr. Giles) arrives in Sunnydale with the aim of making the night of the witches a real hell for its inhabitants; through a magic formula, which he pronounced, all those who bought a costume in his shop will be transformed into the dress they wear. The protagonist Buffy ( Sarah Michelle Gellar) from an athletic and courageous girl, with the weight of the world on her shoulders, will become an innocent lady of the 1800s . in a ghost and a soldier respectively. This will be, perhaps, the only opportunity to see the most famous heroine of the small screen (and not only) totally helpless in front of the forces of evil.Buffy the vampire slayer is available on Disney + .

Witches (season 3, episode 4)

Charmed , the cult series of a generation, has centered entirely on the Halloween party the fourth episode of its third season. In it, the Halliwell sistersreceive the unpleasant visit of the Grimlocks (demons already faced in the first season), but during the fight a mysterious space-time portal appears that will suck the sisters inside. Prue ( Shannen Doherty ), Piper ( Holly Marie Combs ) and Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano ) will end up suddenly finding themselves in the past, more precisely in Virginia in 1670, where they were summoned by a circle of witches to carry out a very specific task: to save the mother ofMelinda Warren , their ancestor, in the clutches of an evil witch; in the present, however, it will be up to Leo and Morris to fight the Grimlocks. The episode also represented a turning point for fledgling couple Phoebe and Cole ( Julian Morris ), with a particular scene (never forgotten by fans) in which the initial of the witch’s future love interest is predicted. Charmed is available on the Prime Video platform .

Friends (season 8, episode 6)

And who said that Halloween episodes should only be scary? The most famous sitcom on TV Friends is proof of this. In the sixth episode of the eighth season, titled The Halloween Party , Monica ( Courteney Cox ) and Chandler ( Matthew Perry ) decide to throw a Halloween party at the last minute, obviously held in the iconic apartment of the series. This will be an opportunity to see some of the most memorable scenes from the entire show, such as the encounter and subsequent hilarious exchange between Catwoman and Supergirl, played by Monica and Phoebe ( Lisa Kudrow). Rachel ( Jennifer Aniston ) decides instead to wear a normal dress for the evening, since she is pregnant with her the woman is in fact aware that this will probably be the last time she will be able to do it. The men in the group also give their best in the episode in question: Ross ( David Schwimmer ) arrives dressed as a huge potato, Chandler from a pink bunny and Joey ( Matt LeBlanc ) from Chandler himself . Guest of the episode will be Sean Penn in the role of Eric , boyfriend of Phoebe ‘s cousin . Friendsis available on Netflix .

American Horror Story (season 1, episodes 4 and 5)

As previously mentioned, American Horror Story has entire seasons that you can review in the Halloween period but in the first it gives viewers a double episode dedicated to this holiday. Episodes 4 and 5, both set in the haunted Murder House, feature a reversal of the classic house rule. In fact, if until that moment the spirits are trapped inside it, in the night of the witches they have the possibility to go out without any kind of limitation. The episodes will serve as a turning point for the entire season, with the death of little Adelaide ( Jamie Brewer ) and the consequent despair of Constance (played by a wonderful Jessica Lange); in addition, some truths will also be revealed, such as the one concerning the real nature of Tate ( Evan Peters ). The Harmon family will experience their last Halloween night on earth in a way he never would have thought. This won’t be the only combo of American Horror Story episodes dedicated to the frightening party, but they are certainly the freshest and scariest ones. The show is available on the Disney + platform .

We recently saw an episode dedicated to Halloween also in Stranger Things , a popular Netflix TV series , precisely the second of season two. In the company of the newcomer Max ( Sadie Sink ) the protagonists, dressed as Ghostbusters (famous 80s film), go to do “trick and treat” in the main town of the series: Hawkins. While they are together Will ( Noah Schnapp ) has a disturbing vision of the Upside down and for this reason Mike ( Finn Wolfhard) will decide to take him home. The episode is also very important for the economy of the series itself, through a flash-back Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown ) is shown for the first time. It will be revealed how she, apparently dead in the season 1 finale, managed to survive and escape from the Upside Down. In the episode Eleven she also shows all her desire to do “trick and treat”, like all her boys her age, Hopper ( David Harbor ) will be able to dissuade her, however, promising to spend the evening together.

Stranger Things (season 2, episode 2)