Twin Strangers: the website that allows you to find your “double” using artificial intelligence

This website uses artificial intelligence  so that its users can find people very similar to them all over the world.


Twin Strangers is based on the idea that all people have a “double” somewhere on the planet to develop their system. This website claims that it can find people who are so similar to each other that they can pass off as twins or “clones” using artificial intelligence . Although the existence of a human with a face very similar to ours is a possibility supported by science, finding it is an almost impossible task that is now within our reach thanks to this platform.

To carry out its objective, the system asks users for specific data such as an ID-type photograph of their face, country of origin, gender, username and an email address. Once all this required information has been placed, the website will request a payment from people who wish to use it and can find their “double” relatively quickly and easily.

How does Twin Strangers work?

The Twin Strangers website  offers a paid service to be able to scan faces similar to those of the people who use it among its database of more than nine million registered users. If the tool manages to find the “twin” or “clone” of the person who used it, it will offer an option to get in touch via a “Connect” button that appears after someone has been highlighted in the “My Twins” folder. If the other user also agrees to connect, you can start a conversation.

Social networks and the Twin Strangers website highlight that the success stories of their service are multiple and the resemblance between the people connected is surprisingly similar. What’s more, many of the paired users have even decided to meet in person to see the resemblance first-hand.

How did Twin Strangers originate?

Twin Strangers is a concept that was born in 2015 as part of a challenge between three roommates. One of them was inspired by the journalist Sophie Robehmed , who found her double in 2011, and considered that finding someone so similar to oneself in another country on the planet had to be impressive, so she challenged her roomies to find someone their respective doubles in a period of 28 days.

To her surprise, her friends achieved their goal by viralizing the story on social networks and even found a woman similar to her thanks to the reach of the Internet . After this, the group decided to help other people find their respective doubles through their service, which they decided to name Twin Strangers .