Universal Pictures has set the release date of Twisters , the sequel to Twister :


it will arrive on July 19, 2024 in US cinemas, the same day as Transformers: A New Generation , and a week earlier than Thunderbolts .

As we know, the direction will be handled by Lee Isaac Chung , the same as Minari , here in his first blockbuster. It is evident that Universal believes strongly in the film, and in fact hopes to get back Helen Hunt , co-star of the first film along with the late Bill Paxton . At the heart of the sequel will be their characters’ daughter, who has inherited the same “passion” from her parents: chasing hurricanes. The script is the work of Mark L. Smith , former screenwriter of The Revenant .

Twisters will be co-financed byWarner Bros., butUniversalis leading the project creatively. Frank Marshall, veteran producer of franchises such as Jurassic World, Indiana Jones and Bourne , but also of films such as The Color Purple and The Sixth Sense , will produce under hisKennedy/Marshall banner. The film will be overseen bySara ScottandJacqueline GarellforUniversal, andAshley Jay SandbergforKennedy/Marshall.

The first Twister

Released in 1996 and directed by Jan De Bont (the same as Speed ​​and the subsequent Tomb Raider 2 ), Twister followed the story of a shabby group of “hurricane hunters”, led by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt ; the screenplay was written by Anne-Marie Martin and Michael Crichton . The groundbreaking special effects earned a well-deserved Oscar nomination, and the film grossed nearly $500 million against a $90 million budget.

The synopsis

Jo Harding, a young and daring American scientist, together with Dusty and Rabbit, valid and daring collaborators with their handcrafted equipped vans, are competing with Dr. Jonas Miller, sponsored by an important company and at the forefront of expensive equipment which should allow him to collect important scientific data on the behavior of the frequent tornadoes that devastate increasingly large areas of America. Forecasts have in fact announced the arrival of the most dangerous storm that has ever hit Oklahoma in the last fifty years and the two rival groups are determined to face it, to be considered as the best connoisseurs of such terrible meteorological phenomena. and such as to be able to provide timely warnings to the populations about the approaching tornadoes and their changing paths, helping to save many human lives. Since the ultra-modern scientific, electronic and satellite technologies available to America do not yet seem capable of providing precise data on the arrival of cyclones, science is still forced to rely on the human eye and the “storm chasers” storms) to be able to give significant warnings to the populations. The risk of the researchers is considerable: a considerable dose of reckless courage pushed to the point of endangering one’s life is needed. Jo is joined by her meteorologist husband Bill Harding, who had left her to devote himself to other duties. At the news of the tornado’s arrival, Bill reappeared with young Melissa,