Twitter adds support for closed captions to iOS and Android devices

To make videos more accessible, Twitter is  announcing support for  closed captions  on  Android and iOS .


Twitter launched closed captions for videos in a move to make videos more accessible to users. The social network has started rolling out a caption button for Android and iOS devices , after a couple of months of testing. As long as a video uploaded to Twitter has subtitles available, users will see a CC button in the top right.

This new feature is to improve accessibility on Twitter by allowing subtitles to be displayed whenever the user wants them. Previously, you could only see the CC button on the web version and subtitles on mobile devices if it was in silent mode.

Captions on Twitter

The CC button “will only appear on videos with subtitles already available and is not related to the automated subtitle system,” according to an official statement from Twitter.

“The choice is now yours – the subtitle option is now available to everyone on iOS and Android! Tap the ‘CC’ button on videos with subtitles available to turn subtitles on/off.”