Twitter and how “Jesus” was verified thanks to Elon Musk

Twitter and how “Jesus” was verified thanks to Elon Musk


Twitter ‘s new payment verification has allowed users to receive a blue check in exchange for money.

14 years ago, a user started his Twitter story by getting the username @jesus .

This 2022 he was able to verify his account thanks to Elon Musk ‘s purchase of the platform, as part of his controversial paid verification project on Twitter Blue for $8 a month.

Insider spoke with the user and learned about his peculiar story.

From a parody of Jesus to being verified thanks to Elon Musk

According to what he said, he opened the account as a parody to post on festive dates such as Christmas or Easter .

“Even though I had it (the account) for a long time, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to verify it. I previously applied to get verified without success, but when Elon Musk changed the verification rules and you could sign up for Twitter Blue to get a verified check, I knew my time had come. It was immediate. I bought the Twitter Blue subscription and when I confirmed the purchase with Apple Pay … I reopened Twitter and it was verified,” he recounted.

The user indicates in his profile that he is a “carpenter, healer, God.” According to his account, he did the verification to demonstrate the absurdity of the new verification system. “Obviously I’m not Jesus. He doesn’t have a Twitter account , how is it possible that he can be verified? It doesn’t make sense,” he mused.

What is it like to be Jesus on Twitter?

According to what he said, he receives several requests for prayers. “I think they realize I’m not really Jesus, but it should calm them down to send the request to the world anyway.”

The user doesn’t really have a plan like Jesus on Twitter and thinks he’s run out of jokes like disappearing for three days during Easter to return on Sunday.

The owner of the @jesus account has not revealed his real name as there are many people who contact him to tell him that he is going to hell or, even worse, claim that they will find out who he is to kill him.