Twitter announces “Report Tweet” globally to make it easier to report posts

Twitter conducted a limited test in the United States of a new system for reporting posts, and is now rolling it out globally.


Twitter implemented a system in the United States designed to improve the process of flagging offensive or dangerous content on the site. The test was a success, with the number of actionable reports increasing by 50 percent , prompting the company to remove more malicious posts .

Now, Twitter is using this system to update its function worldwide: Report Tweet should be reaching all users of the social network.

At the moment, the option is only in English and localized versions will be activated soon. The change comes at a key moment for the company. Content moderation is one of the great problems of social networks .

Moderate content on Twitter

Many companies hire moderators , but most do not work in safe conditions and have to go through several posts, most of them grotesque, in an hour.

In addition, Twitter has been regularly criticized for being slow to respond to people’s complaints, whether related to reporting posts, or making any kind of updates to the service.

Twitter ‘s new reporting process better guides the user by allowing them to provide more information about how a tweet might affect someone. Additionally, you can select multiple options to frame the context of the allegedly abusive tweet.