Twitter Blue does not generate even 1% of income that Elon Musk expected

Twitter Blue would generate $28 million annually with its current number of users. Elon Musk expects him to bring in $4 billion a year to the company.


Twitter Blue , the paid subscription to the social network that includes a “verified” badge, has been one of Elon Musk ‘s biggest bets to make the company he bought for $44 billion profitable in 2022.

The Information reported that adoption of Twitter Blue has been less than stellar.

The outlet cites a document indicating that Twitter Blue subscribers  represent less than 0.2% of the user base in the United States.

This would mean that two months after the launch of Twitter Blue at $8 per month, its subscribers reach 180,000 in the United States .

The aforementioned media also indicates that Twitter Blue subscribers in the United States represented 62% of the total globally. This would mean that Twitter Blue has 290,000 subscribers worldwide.

Twitter Blue: How much money does Elon Musk’s company generate?

Insider indicates that Elon Musk expects Twitter Blue to generate $3 billion in revenue this year. At the current rate, it would barely bring in $28 million a year. Less than 1% of the goal.

Twitter Blue had already been unveiled before Musk ‘s arrival and generates less than $4 million annually. There is a clear increase in subscribers, but far from the level necessary to achieve Elon Musk ‘s goals .

In another revenue-generating strategy, Elon Musk plans a $1,000 subscription for businesses that want to earn a gold verified badge.