Twitter Blue is now global: How much will the blue badge cost?

Organizations and companies will be able to apply for a gold badge on Twitter.


Twitter keeps changing in the hands of Elon Musk . The social network has expanded the availability of its Twitter Blue subscription in search of increasing its income.

Twitter Blue: What advantages does it give me?

Twitter Blue ‘s main attraction is the blue check that the company used to provide users to verify their identity. Now, all users who pay for Twitter Blue with a verified phone will have that check.

Subscribers to Twitter Blue will also be able to edit tweets, post longer videos in Full HD (1080p) to Twitter , as well as get early access to new features.

Twitter promises that users who pay for Twitter Blue will also get priority in replies, mentions and searches. They will also see half as many ads as non-paying users.

Twitter Blue: Why do you have different prices?

Twitter Blue has different prices, depending on whether the user subscribes on the web or in an app, both Android or iOS.

This is because the Google and Apple repositories charge a commission, so it is cheaper to subscribe to Twitter Blue via the web.

If a user in Peru subscribes to Twitter Blue via the web, they will pay 319 soles for an annual plan or 30 soles each month for the monthly plan. The annual plan via app costs 439 soles (on sale).

In the United States , the annual plan costs $84 for users who subscribe via the web and $114.99 for users who subscribe to Twitter Blue via apps.

What will happen to verification on Twitter?

With these changes, the blue check will continue, but not as we knew it before.

Starting April 1, Twitter will remove the blue verification checks to provide them exclusively to Twitter Blue subscribers .

Organizations will be able to verify themselves with Twitter and receive a golden check. And yes, the subscription to the golden check also costs.

Twitter has set a base price of $1,000 per month per organization and an extra $50 for each “extra seat.” That is, an affiliate user that the organization wants to receive with its golden check.