Twitter does not want to pay Google for its cloud service

The moderation systems are in support of Google Cloud and Twitter is looking for a way to withdraw all its infrastructure from this platform.

Twitter does not want to pay for the service used in Google Cloud and possibly the trust and security systems of the platform are at risk of disappearing.

The Platformer report notes that Twitter has refused to pay its Google Cloud bills as its contract is due to be renewed this month, which could lead to a high-stakes conflict between the two tech companies.

Problems for Twitter

While Twitter hosts some services on its own servers, the company has long-standing contracts with Google and Amazon to supplement its infrastructure.

Before Musk bought Twitter last year, the company signed a multi-year deal with Google to host services related to fighting spam, removing child sexual abuse material and protecting accounts, among other things.

Twitter recently refused to pay the search giant before its contract renewal date of June 30.

Twitter is reportedly rushing to get as many services out of the infrastructure before the contract expires, but the effort is being “delayed,” putting in a few tools, including Smyte, a platform the company had acquired in 2018. to bolster its moderation capabilities, in danger of going offline.

Mind you, Smyte had already shown signs of strain, following Elon Musk ‘s deep cuts in Twitter ‘s workforce .