Twitter: Edit tweet button appears in test version

While Twitter announced an “April Fool’s Day” edit button, several reverse engineers have proven otherwise.


On April Fools’ Day, Twitter announced that it was working on a button to edit posts. Although at first it seemed like a joke promoted by the marketing team, it seems that the project is in development.

At least two reverse engineers showed that Twitter’s edit posts feature is already in testing, which was corroborated by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi .

What has been discovered is that when you write and publish a tweet, you will be able to click on the three dots in the post on the web and select the “Edit Tweet” option .

Other information  from developer Nima Owji reveals that the upcoming feature will not allow changing the audience of a post after it is edited and will be exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers .

edit tweets

At this time, it is not known how long users will have to edit a post or if Twitter will freeze retweets prior to editing. It is only known that the company is testing this feature on its web platform, as no information reveals that this feature is on iOS or Android.

Also, eccentric billionaire Elon Musk , who bought shares of Twitter and is considering acquiring the company , asked his Twitter audience if they want a button to edit tweets .